Worldwide, people are increasingly becoming aware of their unhealthy behaviors such as sedentary living, eating poorly, becoming overly stressed which have deleterious consequences.  Although, many people are aware of the steps they can take to align themselves better with healthy living practices they lack scientific knowledge and appropriate skills to practice safely.

 The Sportscience department is committed to offering programmes that equip our students with scientifically proven knowledge and practical skills that enable people practice healthier and balanced lifestyles.    

The department also offers programmes that endow our students with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to succeed as managers of sports through hands-on experiences with professionals in the field.


To be a centre of quality teaching, research and community services in Sport, Physical Education, Health and Recreation.


To promote excellence in the growth and development of Sport, Physical Education, Health and Recreation in Uganda through professional training, research, consultancy and publications.


Concern for others, student- satisfaction, personal development and legacy.

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